PET LINE for Soft and Carbonated beverages 16000 BPH


SKU: 06102019

PET Filling line designed to fill Soft and Carbonated beverages including Beer.
Line is in a perfect working condition and already professionally dismantled. Output of the line is 16 000 PET bottles per hour, based on the formats: 1,0 liters, 1,5- and 2,0-liter PET as a main set, with specified PCO 1881 short neck with 28 mm diameter and set of change formats for PCO 1810. In-cludes perfect shape blow molder made by SIDEL SBO 8/10-year 2011.

Техническая информация

Sidel SBO 8/10 Universal based Carbonated Soft Drinks & Beer filling line consisting of:

  • Sidel SBO 8/10 Universal Reheat Stretch Blow Molding machine (2011) – includes preform tipper, preform hopper/elevator, electrical cabinet, PCC control.
  • Air conveyors approx. 90 meters.
  • CLEAN – FILL NATE Triblock 48/80/10-year 2011 (equipped with long tube system)
  • Labeler GERNEP RA for PET bottles year 2011
  • SMI LSK 45 shrink wrapper with foil logo detection
  • TMG Palletizing system 2014
  • Transport conveyors
  • Electrical cabinets and control panels.
  • Piping and pumps.
  • Program back up
  • Full documentation set.

Additionally, available formats are: 0,5 – 1,0 – 1,5 – 2,0-liter PET molds and spare change sets.
Listed above line has only 17 882 working hours in total, and fully operational with service history.