PET Filling line for vegetable OIL WEIGHT PACK + SMI SR8, year 2004.

SKU: 19102019          

Filling line for Vegetable OIL in to the PET bottles with capacity 12 000 bph for 1.0-liter cylindrical PET bottle formats.

Line is in a perfect working condition and still in operation. On request we can arrange line inspection on requested time and date.

Specified PCO 1881 short neck with 28 mm diameter.


Technical description and list of equipment:


Line capacity:                                   12 000 bph for 1.0 liter

Bottle sizes:                                      1.0-liter cylindrical PET

Status of the line:                            Not dismantled, could be powered.

Used for filling:                               Vegetable OIL in to the PET bottle.

Cap type:                                           PCO 28 mm (1881 Short neck)

Bottle type:                                      PET cylindrical 45/55 gr.

Closure type:                                   Press on cap with internal safety ring (BERICAP)

Packages:                                          Shrink Pack, Euro palette with tray

3X2 tray+film in carton box wrap around.

Conditions:                                       Good, regularly serviced

Equipment description:

  1. Automatic Blow Molding machine “SMI” SR8, complete of feeder + orientation + chiller + mold 8 cavities for 1 lt PET bottles
  2. Compressor unit “SIAD” TEMPO 950 mc/h, 40 bars complete of accessories
  3. Compressor unit “ATLAS COPCO” 10 bars
  4. Linear air conveyor
  5. Automatic rotary Monobloc “WEIGHTPACK” 28/8
  6. Automatic caps feeder
  7. Automatic rotary Labelling unit “KOSME” 12 heads
  8. Automatic bottle divider
  9. Automatic ink-jet data stamp device “HYDRA”
  10. Automatic tunnel shrink-wrapping unit “SMI” WP300 3X2 tray+film
  11. Automatic palletizer unit “BERCHI” with wrapper
  12. Stainless steel conveyor belts of the line with control panels