PET Filling Triblock KHS DMG- VFPET, year 2000, capacity 12 000 Bph

SKU: 22102019

This PET Filling Block is made by German Co. KHS in 2000 and its capacity 12 000 bhp. ISOBARIC triblock KHS DMG – VFPET is designed to fill beverages in to the PET bottles with PET (0.5/1.5/2.0) Liter PCO 1881 volume.


Manufacturer:                                 KHS

Manufacturer’s type:                     DMG- VFPET

Manufacturing year:                      2000

Operation hours:                             42000

Type of containers:                         PET (0.5/1.5/2.0) Liter PCO 1881

Container sizes:                                0.5/1.5/2.0

Capacity / size:                                 12000 Bph

Number of filling valves:                70

Pitch:                                                 103

Filling process:                               Isobaric.

Number of rinsing positions:      40

On time or double rinsing            One-time rinsing

Number of capping heads:          10 capping heads

Capping machine:                         ALCOA (heads with adjustments)

Cap thread in mm:                       28 mm

Cap types:                                      Plastic screw type cap

Control system:                            Siemens S7

Data coder:                                    No

Filling inspector:                         No

Technical condition:                  Good working condition.