SKU: 10102019

Automatic filling line for sweet carbonated and Still beverages in glass bottles with a capacity of up to 15 000 glass bottles per hour on format 0,5 liters.

Line description:
The automatic line is designed to fill sweet carbonated and non-carbonated beverages in glass bottles with a nominal capacity of up to 15 000 bottles per hour with a volume of 0,5 liters with a metal screw closure cap. Bottling line is 1992 year manufactured, and after the complete overhaul in 2009 by German company. The line is fully operational and is in good working condition, connected to all power sources can be tested in TEST run.

Technical description of the filling line equipment:

  • The automatic bottling line designed for filling carbonated and still drinks with syrup additive in to the glass bottles with a capacity of up to 15 000 glass bottles per hour includes the KRONES SUPERBLOCK for bottling beverages in glass bottles of 0.5 l with closure of the metal screw or crone cap, followed by packing in cardboard boxes and laying on euro pallets.
  • The proposed bottling line is a complete bottling line for filling both carbonated and still beverages and was originally designed for bottling in glass bottles for different volumes.
  • The filling line was installed in 2009 and fully operational now, still installed.
  • The equipment for the bottling line was periodically serviced by keeping appropriate logs. Technical documentation included.